Collusion, Hypocrisy and Political Corruption – Human Devolution

As the impending devolution continues, the idiocy of a contentious and condescending culture finds so many opportunities to hasten human extinction. From anti-intellectualism to corporate and political collusions, the divisive animosity rampage in diverse manifestations. By so many intricate components, various corrupt factions perpetrate insidious actions to destabilize the fabric of the democratic republic. Extreme ideological perversions demonstrate repeatedly hypocritical selfishness to degrade and disrupt mainstream society. Moreover, does anyone care?Extraordinary problems of the planet, as in environmental exploitation and severe income inequality, find second place status to whiny and cowardly protestations of self-victimization. In an online newsletter, one author points to the regressive animosity in pointing out the “poisonous hypocrisy of politics”. Discussion alone will not suffice nor encourage any problem-solving efforts. The issues are complex, the problems are intricate, and the scope and depth of the criticality too far gone for easy remedy. As such, to observe one aspect of the devolutionary trends, politics for example, the mean-spirited instigations are rampant.[1]Depending on the perspective by which the challenges of fakery transcend into a viable debate, the scope and sequence can be many faceted. As the term itself, hypocrisy, can invite productive or derisive analysis, the choices of issues and associated collusive behaviors involve a variety of socio-economic and political issues. Whether by focus on sleight of hand sales and promotional tactics of bloated gluttonous consumerism, or empty political rhetoric, the contrivances are intricate. By false appearance, disingenuous pretense of “goodness”, altruistic fakery, and so on, the human species seldom fails to make a mockery of itself.With the aspect of collusion, the insistence to be deceptive is very much a human inclination. For personal gain and enrichment, at the expense of others, minus any ensuing costs to the perpetrator, people commit all many of illicit activities. Corruption in one form or another conspires in the devolution of the human species. Often, the appearance of hypocritical antics can be witnessed in elected public officials. Especially during campaign season, observations by astute inquiry makes note of the easy and simplistic deceptions that conspire for votes.Politics is likely a good place to observe the collusive nature of hypocrisy, as well as political corruption. Politicians are particularly representative of such behaviors and particularly interesting to observe. Direct and concrete answers to serious social questions are elusive. During an election for instance, specious conjecture supported by nebulous notions smog the atmosphere with superficial commentary. Getting well-researched candid answers to critical questions, along with a listing of probable solutions are typically non-existent. Foggy ideas muck it up.Political processes are only one aspect of intricately connected socio-economic systems. For the greater good, “we people” etc., ought to be collectively striving for a “more perfect union”. While a few endeavor for the noble causes of a prior revolution, many seem oblivious to the future consequences. In the process of human devolution, the rise and fall of cultures, or “empires”, is a gradual course of regressively intentional behaviors. By human contrivance, the collapse of societies trespasses upon the unholy ground of hypocritical behaviors.The consistent practice and perpetration of beliefs contrary to one’s real views, philosophies, ideologies, and actual practices, fall into the abyss of hypocritical actions. Collusions, hypocrisy and corruption share close kinship with other descriptors. Such as, deception, mockery, fraud, duplicity, speciousness and fakery, contrive to evade the realities of truthfulness. As to that, a decade ago an online science journal published an article addressing the commonality of deceptive behaviors. Accordingly, everyone is a deceiver in some way, for better or for worse.[2]In the process of arrogantly committing a variety of deceptive actions, referencing hypocrisy, humans are adept at self-deception as well. However, the downside of the competitiveness is that eventually hypocritical behaviors and associated deceptions do not last long. In most cases, eventually, someone achieves notoriety for their corruption. Exposure is a constant risk for the persistent deceivers. Like an antisocial iceberg floating in the frigid waters of societal fragmentation, the pathological inclinations lurk below the surface.In the classical view, or rational choice perspective, deception is purposeful. Behaving in hypocritical ways serves the needs of the perpetrator. Animosity toward others by diverse illicit applications willfully schemes to enhance the perpetrator’s advantage. For the politician, it means staying in elected office in never ending permanency. Access to money, power, resources, influence and so forth enriches the prospects of personal gain. To ensure a lifetime of constant re-election, the politician will wear various disguises to mask their hidden agendas.By malice aforethought, premeditation and intention effort, each plans the nature of his or her schemes. Plots and frauds abound. To use the often-heard profane commentary from movies, everyone has the motive, means and looks for the opportunities. Importantly, it is a matter of ideation. Belief systems, perceptions and perpetrations stem from the desire to fulfill those fantasies of thought and eventually action. The primacy of thinking, subsequently the willful execution, from assault to zoological aberrations, to the motivating factors. Behavior, and in particular, political behavior, is about the arrogance of egoistic objectives.Across the broad spectrum of mainstream culture, the devolving processes embrace a variety of self-promoting postures. Academia is rich with pretentious claims of special knowledge. To hide in the safe mediocrity of academic bastion, protected by multilayers of security countermeasures, “pseudoscientific” perversions can influence public policy. As one element of critical observation, how many politicians on the national scene have an exceptionality of real-world experience? Did they make their “bones” in the hard work of everyday life, down at the street level of contentious social interaction? Were they ever in command of anything?A fascinating quest into the political spectrum is to address background issues of prior experience. Upon every occasion of alleged expertise, an assessment of qualifications is necessary. For each appeal to authority, someone’s opinion, questions should fire up the imagination. Is the source of supporting claim qualified to offer a viewpoint on the issues at hand? If so, how extensive is the corroborating evidence? What is the scientific validation? Typically, reliance rumor, gossip and opinion do not substantially provide compelling evidentiary sufficiency.Speculation as to cause and effect should be met with severe analysis as opposed to acceptance simply because someone said so. This should be a real certainty of inquiry especially applied to the pseudoscience fields such as criminology, psychology and sociology. Within that framework, anecdotal references are not grounds for reliable acceptance. Again, opinion is not evidence, as one’s bias influences subsequent conclusions, and foster egregious fallacies of inference. Politicians in general are very good at spewing an array of psychobabble that says and solves nothing. An online publication in 2017 raised the point in asking the question, are public officials “stupid or evil”? Probably a mixture of both. As a group, the opinion article suggests that politicians in Washington, D.C., have a serious inclination toward avoiding common sense, and forgetting basic logic. Likewise, facts and reason are usually avoided.[3]As the devolution of the human species unfolds, and civilization is on the verge of collapse, the political framework appears dominated by an anti-intellectual scheme. Degrading and insulting spews of “psychobabble” animate the election cycles with idiotic rhetoric. Purposely, an observer, struggling to maintain some semblance of objectivity might conclude an intentional dumbing down of candidates for public office. In the end, stupidity does not enhance the future possibilities for human civilization. Specifically, stupidity refers to contrived irresponsibility to avoid moral or ethical accountability for individual actions. Idiocracy rises to invite catastrophe.Instead of insisting upon a well-defined platform of prosocial goals and objectives, a listener hears the blather of superficial child-like simplicity. Wallowing in the selfish promotion of individual vanity and conceited self-validation, politicians on the national scene spout empty nonsensical and condescending regurgitation of infantile gibberish. Failing to answer direct questions in clear, concise and concrete terms, the average politico chatters about idiotic speculations. Along with distracting physical antics, they mutter irrelevant gossip.Seemingly, a stage play of tragic and comedic exaggerations, avoiding concrete intellectual discourse, the incompetence to does little to promote the advancement of the human species. By such foolish appeals to inferential fallacies, erroneous hastily drawn conclusions mislead, misguide and misdirect social discourse. For such mediocre foolishness, the probability of hastening societal collapse encroaches in a closer time-frame. Neither the republic nor the greater good are served by these ridiculous diatribes that collude in hypocrisy of self-gratification.Accordingly, as the purposes and intentions of “dumbing down” serves commercial and political interests, societal connections appear increasingly less informed. Political ignorance is extraordinary. In one internet journal, the case is made for the growing decay of intellectual achievement. Rather than focus on implications and specifications for policy formulation, attacks and counterattacks muddy the electoral landscape with broad sweeps irrelevancy.[4]By way of similarity and close connection, much amusement comes from the world of academia. Particularly ever-present is the associated field of the “social studies”. Within this grouping are the torturous purveyors of pseudoscience, criminology, psychology and sociology. Postulating one theoretical construct after another, a diverse range of “schools of thought” promulgates an assortment of philosophies. From that, beliefs are influenced.Not only the gullibility of believability, but also the underlying divisive aspects of devolving to the most simplistic explanation of just about everything. From the “social studies” realms of non-science, the conjecture of opinion, and often a simple majority vote at a convention, theoretical speciousness leaps to hasty generalizations. Eventually, given the power of influence, by complicity of social media and news outlets, politicians quickly fall for the seductions. Something that is said often enough by a pretentiously “reliable source”, before you know it most people accept the claim as dependable. Often, such things are merely someone’s opinion.Rather than conduct skeptical and critical analysis by individual initiative many relegate significant thinking processes to other people. Cultish affinity for “guru” adulation expands exponentially in a culture where education achievement is not a high priority. In the real world that spans a spectrum of all kinds of behaviors, many rely on the simplistic notion that fits their private field of reference. In spite of the facts, regardless of the evidence, people are going to believe the mythology of their own conjecture. Politicians are no different.In one bi-weekly news magazine, the question is posed in speculating whether contemporary politicians or “stupid” or “evil”. In view of that perspective, as a metaphorical invitation to discussion, the writer ponders the motivational factors behind less than ethical behaviors. As pointed out, elected member of Congress, for example, have law backgrounds and taken an oath of office, wonderment ponders the foolish things done while in office. Not only that, additional concern points to the stupidity asserted in political commentary and social discourse.[5]As suggested in the article, the answer to the dilemma of “statesman” versus “politician” resides in the notion that public officials pander to supporters. Pandering is an apt description for those in elected office. From a traditional standpoint, it refers to pimping or being a pimp. Of course, pimps, pandering and prostitution are closely connected. One who lives off the labor and earnings of another might be a close parallel to the illicit nature of modern politics.While pandering to a certain population base, regardless of noble concessions to ethical precepts, associated behaviors devolve to things like promises, threats, fraud, deception, etc. Related to the enticements of pandering, politicians appeal to what might excite or otherwise stimulate their followers. In so doing, they are likely to say anything even if it sounds stupid, illogical and completely unattainable. No one cares, as egregious fallacies of inference that perpetrate unsubstantiated generalizations express the collusion of hypocrisy.Pondering the political landscape, questions arise among a small fraction of concerned citizens regarding qualifications for public office in particular. For instance, as suggested earlier, public office comes to the forefront of more than a few group discussions. What qualifications or expectations does one expect of someone who will attain a position of political authority? Not only are there legal implications in terms of legislative power, but also applications of influencing public policy and decision-making. From a public service standpoint, at least some members of the public will inquire at to a politician’s background history.What does their resume’ say about a candidate? Background, education, work history, real-life experiences, knowledge base, intellectual capacity, philosophy and ideology, and so forth? Do they have an action plan that details exactly what they plan to do? Or, do they simply babble and blather about superficially simplistic nonsense? Did they come up through the “ranks of life”, or is there an assumption of “inheritance” and entitlement to “public service”? Some might even be arrogant enough to say, “It’s my turn” now. Seriously? Is that a reference to a “political dynasty”, or “political aristocracy”, whereby the offspring automatically inherit public office?Did they ever take risks face to face in life-death provocations? Have they served their country or community as in the military or first responder capacity? From their experiences, have they grown wise in productive ways, as opposed to spewing condescending nebulous rhetoric that has no real purpose other than to criticize others? What does their manner of speech say about them? What do they fundamentally stand for? Could they be simply wolves in sheep’s clothing waiting the sheer the flock? More than likely, the future office holder probably has spent most of his or her efforts running for or holding some kind of public office, absent real-life experiences.Disturbing is what appears to be a trend toward self-promotion without the real substance of character to back up one’s presence. Egoistic assumptions of which the self-focus demonstrates an arrogance toward ignorance. Politicians and pundits relish in such divisive reflections of Hollywood celebrities. In one article from 2014, the researcher claims that American culture demonstrates an increasing and scary trend toward “anti-intellectual elitism”. With a frequent dismissal of scientific methodology, artistic creativity and intellectual discourse, the mainstream prefers entertainment, self-promotion and purposeful credulity. In other words, shallow, selfish and mean-spirited, with a predilection toward specious conjecture. Cynically, the motivations involve the gain of power, access to resources, and ensure control over others.[6]One assessment of the current political scene is to forget problem solving to ensure human social self-interests. Yes, of course, profane the discourse by pretentious finger pointing of who failed to do what. Blame everyone and everything. Dispute, debate and otherwise engage in commentary, benign and counterproductive, but also make certain nothing is ever accomplished. That seems to be the modern response to critical issues facing humankind. However, do not stop there; ensure a heavy penalty on the taxpayer. Cling to power because there is money to spend courtesy of the American taxpayer. Collusion, hypocrisy and corruption are consistent.Their collusions from arrogant schemes of the “psycho-medico-pharmaceutical” industry provoke an array of simplistic wishful dreaming. Designed cleverly, politicians and pundits pontificate the babblings of misinformation. Gross and dishonest exaggerations complicate the process of cooperative compromise to ensure “we the people” succeed through effective problem solving. to assert power, control and dominance over others, the con artistry is pervasive. Intimidation comes along for the ride as a convenient byproduct of fanciful notions. Mythic templates, from one extreme to the other, usually invoke easy excuses.In much of the discussion about a “human devolution”, or eventual societal collapse, some investigators speak about stages of regression that take place of time. Transitions involve many factors and could take decades or centuries. Within the mix of the downturn, the complexity is multifaceted. Yet, politicians play a key role in leading public policy toward corrective actions by virtue of exceptional leadership, tough decisions, and intense focus on fixing problems. Combined with the political know-how to ensure cooperative efforts among diverse participants, focusing on critical issues requires many to put aside the petty differences and dislikes.A few years ago, from a NASA study in 2014, researchers pointed out two significant factors regarding social collapse. These included straining resources beyond sustainability, and increased economic stratification of class structures. Working classes absorb the strain, while upper classes remain insulated at disproportionate levels. However, what mechanism provides the appropriate necessity of checks and balances? One part are executive and legislative branches necessary to safeguard a reasonable sense of justice for “we the people”, in terms of “promoting the general welfare” and “ensuring domestic tranquility”. So, rather than spewing nonsensical campaign rhetoric, name calling, and refusing productive and cooperative actions, the dysfunctional collusions, hypocrisy, and corruption hastens the eventual demise of democracy.[7][1]From a website espousing the negative nature of modern politics and the collusive interactivity of hypocrisy; note, due to an overly sensitive, easily offended culture, direct citations are avoided;
[2]Science oriented web publication and related article dealing with human deception;
[3] Wisconsin based national magazine, addressing contemporary political issues;
[4] Internet journal addressing political and social issues relative to democratic processes;
[5]Bi-weekly online publication rendering opinion articles on contemporary politics;
[6]Online educational resource service regarding political and educational interests;
[7]2017 article from an online magazine specializing in the politics and culture;

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5 Reasons Why Network Marketing Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

There are many business models that are used today to make money online. One of these is MLM which is also known as network marketing, or multi-level marketing.Many people claim multi-level marketing is the best way to earn money online. That may be hard to controvert.1. Inexpensive businessWhen compared to other business models such as franchising, starting up as a distributor in a company operating this business model, is very affordable. Many such businesses can be started for little or no out of pocket expense. When you combine this with how inexpensive it is to use the Internet to market your products and business opportunity, it is no wonder so many people all over the world join multi-level marketing companies every day.2. No experience requiredYou do not need a college education, or business experience to start a network marketing business. As a matter of fact, lack of experience can work to your advantage, especially when it comes to Internet marketing. You can bring a fresh approach to promoting online and making money.This is one of the reasons so many people are now earning money in MLM. Once you master online traffic strategies, you can rely on the Internet to get prospects, customers, and new distributors in your downline.3. Retail profitsSelling products at the retail level is an excellent source of cash flow for your overall business. This business model uses the direct sales concept to get products out into the market place. You by-pass the normal supply chain of manufacturer to regional distributor to retail store. You are the distributor which allows you to keep more of the profits. Using the Internet saves you money on expenses such as rent, inventory, and employees. You earn more money and keep more money this way.4. Leverage your timeJ. Paul Getty once said he would rather make money on 1% of the efforts of 100 people, than 100% of his own efforts. With multi-level marketing, you earn more money by building a downline of distributors and capitalizing on their sales and marketing efforts. The Internet works great for leveraging your time to sponsor and sell because you are always open for business 24 hours a day and so are your business partners.5. DuplicationOnce you have a system in place for promoting, selling, and sponsoring, you can train your team members to duplicate what you are doing. Most companies operating this business model today have excellent resources to help you with this. These include money making websites, email autoresponders, live and archived training webinars, and other marketing materials such as banner and text ads. Some offer co-op advertising programs that let you begin to promote online and start earning money right away. This pools the purchasing power of a large numbers of distributors as opposed to paying for all of the advertising yourself.These are 5 reasons why MLM is the best way to make money online. Whether you want to supplement your current income, or build a million dollar business of your own, network marketing is the best business model to get started doing that today!

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Reasons Why Nutrition Is Important to Your Overall Health

There are many people who complain about the poor health that they are suffering. They feel like they are spending the majority of their time feeling sick and tired and not getting anything done that they want. They feel jealous of those people who seem like they are able to run around and have endless energy and they wish that they could be the same way. One thing that these people may not be considering is that the nutrition that they are taking in is harming their health and energy levels. Here are some of the benefits of having good nutrition and the consequences of poor nutrition in your daily life.Benefits of Good NutritionIf you are looking to receive many great new health benefits in your life, good nutrition is the best way to go. To start with, eating the proper nutrition with every meal helps to promote the best development and growth in children. If you are just feeding your children fast food and processed foods, then they will not fully develop the way that they are supposed to. Instead, you should feed them plenty of fruits and vegetables along with meats and dairy to ensure that they are growing up properly.Another benefit of following good nutrition is that you will be able to avoid many health issues later in your life. Some of these health issues that can be avoided include diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol.Other than the health issues that were listed above, many people find that by eating good nutrition they are able to reduce their risks of cavities, iron deficiency, osteoporosis, and obesity.Consequences of Poor NutritionWhile it can be difficult to always follow a diet that is full of good nutrition, it is really important to try and stay on a good diet plan as much as possible. There are many consequences that can occur if you choose to eat a poor diet. The most commonly known consequence of poor nutrition is that you will be eating more calories than you are consuming which will lead to you becoming obese. In fact, studies have been done that show those who eat out at fast food once or more each week will have more risks for gaining weight and eventually becoming obese.Other than gaining weight by eating a poor diet, you will increase your risks for developing prostate, colorectal, stomach, esophageal, lung cancers.Eating a diet that is not full of good nutrition can lead your body to not getting the nutrition that it needs. Even though you are eating more calories than your body needs in order to survive, you are not eating the right nutrients in order to stay healthy. When your body is not receiving the nutrients that it needs, you will start to see many issues with your overall health, your mental capabilities, and even in school performance in your children. These are just some of the reasons that you should make sure that you and your family are eating healthy and nutritious meals.

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Vegetarian Diets May Up Mental Health Risks: Study

Vegetarianism has been fairly popular for quite a while, but it looks like eating all green food and no meat may pose problems to your mental well-being. In the past, researchers have claimed that red meat is harmful for human. However, being vegetarian has its own disadvantages, as it can lead to emotional and mental health problems, says a new study. In fact, the study says that maintaining a meatless diet can socially impact one’s health as well. The risks include anxiety, panic, depression and obsessive compulsiveness.According to a report published in the Women’s Health in 2015, researchers found that there was a link between lack of animal proteins and a rise in emotional problems. The magazine cited the case of a physically active 35-year-old woman who suffered panic attacks after taking to vegetarianism. And to everyone’s surprise, after getting meat back in her diet, the woman’s energy level increased, with a sharp dip in instances of emotional breakdowns.Vegetarian diet and mental healthThe correlation between mental health and a meat-based diet makes sense due to the fact that certain nutrients – B12, long chain omega 3 fatty acids, choline and zinc – that are particularly important for the brain and nervous system are mostly low in vegetarian diets. Fishes are a major source of omega-3 fatty acids that suppress mental illness, while a vegetarian diet may not contain essential amino acid precursors to the “feel good” neurotransmitters known as serotonin and catecholamines. It seems like the Paleo diet – which promotes eating meat and vegetables but discourages processed food, alcohol and sugar – is the most preferred choice of experts.According to a previous study, “Vegetarian diet and mental disorders: results from a representative community survey,” published in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity in 2012, vegetarians displayed higher prevalence rates for depressive disorders, anxiety disorders and somatoform disorders.For the study, researchers used data from the German National Health Interview and Examination Survey and its Mental Health Supplement (GHS-MHS) and assessed the participants by a standardized individual face-to-face diagnostic interview for mental disorders. They also analyzed the consumption of various food products (meats, vegetables and fruits, fish, etc.) in individuals with different mental disorders. The findings revealed elevated prevalence rates in vegetarians for depressive disorders, anxiety disorders, somatoform disorders and syndromes, as well as for eating disorders. On the whole, the study said that avoiding meat in the diet was linked to mental disorders.The way forwardAre those who are more likely to select vegetarianism also more vulnerable to depression and anxiety? Or maybe those with mental troubles particularly try to avoid meat. One must not quit meat cold turkey. Instead, the person should consult a doctor beforehand, especially if he is prone to mood disorders.For those fighting depression, talk therapy can help in understanding and changing thoughts and behaviors that contribute to how you feel. Treatment of depression requires qualified medical supervision. Most people are usually unable to get over depression without professional help. Fortunately, it is a highly treatable condition and more than 80 percent of people get better with help.If you or your loved one is battling any mental health issue that needs medical intervention, please seek help of the good mental health treatment centers in your area.

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Short, Intermediate, And Longer – Term Impacts On Home Sales, When Rates Rise!

For many reasons, some, economic, while others, related to the pandemic – related, so – called, fatigue, etc, home prices, in most areas, have gone up, at, or, near, record amounts! Because of the prolonged period of artificially – created, low – interest rates, mortgage rates, have been at historic lows! Since, for most home buyers, using financing is essential to affording a purchase, when a low rate, causes cheap money, and, thus, the ability to afford more home – for – the – buck, prices usually rise! It permits qualified buyers to qualify for more money/ loan, because the ratio of monthly mortgage, to overall income, is artificially – reduced! How long will this trend continue, will it become the new – normal, will previous trends/ cycles return, and how will pricing be affected, in the immediate, intermediate, and longer – run, are, all factors, to consider! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, some possibilities, to consider, and understand.

1. Short – term: Since, the Federal Reserve Bank, announced, they planned to raise rates, three times in 2022 (of course, this was before the potential implications, and ramifications, from the Omicron variant), many feel pressure, to act quickly, to take advantage of today’s low rates, before they go up! Three increases will probably translate to, at least, a 0.75% higher rate, which will translate, for most mortgages, to hundreds of extra dollars, per month. Some things to consider, and pay attention to, is, this rate of increased home prices, will, probably, not continue, especially, at such a large degree! How longer one, expects to keep a specific house, is, one issue, to consider, thoroughly, and wisely, before proceeding!

2. Intermediate – term: Although, many believe, to – know, the precise timing of any projected rate – hike, is uncertain! The Fed has changed, and/ or, altered its strategies and approaches, in the past, What the intermediate – term, may bring, including potential inflationary pressures, how long the economic conditions, and unknown factors, related to the pandemic, etc, will determine, largely, what this phase, may bring! In addition, the attitude, and perceptions of buyers, and their confidence, etc, largely impact this real estate market!

3. Longer – term: In the longer – run, will things, restore, to what we have seen, so often, in the past, which is, alternating cycles, between, Sellers, Buyers, and Neutral Markets? The possibilities, include: a continued large escalation; a more – gradual, but persistent – one; some leveling; and/ or, will we see, at least, in certain areas, some sort of falling prices, for a period.

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Affiliate Marketing Coach – Speed Up Your Affiliate Progress With A Coach

An affiliate marketing coach is someone who can help you lift the invisible ceiling which may be holding your affiliate business back. So much in business it is the limits of our thinking which stop us from achieving the things we set out to achieve.

In affiliate marketing this is very much the case. You don’t know what you don’t know! You may even be running down a rabbit hole in the complete wrong direction. I did this for years before finding an affiliate marketing coach who helped me.

Before this point I was trying to do everything alone. Many affiliates are doing the same but don’t realise their actions aren’t aligned with their desired outcomes. For me, I was focusing only on the things I liked to do, not the things which would drive my business forwards.

A clear perspective from a coach who isn’t so myopic in their thinking can change everything. If you keep doing what you’ve always done as an affiliate, your results will likely be the same. But if you’re prepared to step outside your comfort zone, you can make far greater changes in a small amount of time.

Much of affiliate marketing is about trial and error. You try several things and focus on the things which work. This is Pareto’s principle, or the 80:20 rule. But if you have no results to draw from, you could easily be focusing on strategies which will take years to gain any traction.

A few of the small shifts I made in my affiliate marketing endeavours are: shifting to promoting products which offer recurring commissions, I stopped promoting small value, low commission products, and I started using high ticket digital products instead.

These steps alone hugely helped me start generating tactics in my affiliate business. But I also got coaching and mentoring, and decided to take affiliate marketing more seriously. In the beginning, it was just a hobby, and I treated it like a hobby. But if you look at your affiliate business like a hobby, you’ll earn a hobby wage from it. Treat it more seriously, and focus on building a sustainable income which can replace existing work, and you can achieve much more. You get what you focus on!

Goals are useful signposts for affiliates too. For such a long time I was without a rudder as an affiliate. A goal gives you a specific destination you can measure and work towards. If you don’t have either a goal, or a strategy you can stick to with affiliate marketing, it’s easy to lose purpose and drift off in another direction.

When you’re looking for results and don’t have any, it can become completely demoralising! You need to stoke the fire of your own enthusiasm continually or you’re likely to become disillusioned and drop out. This happens to around 95% of affiliate marketers.

But you need to be in the 5% who stick at it and eventually break through and start making consistent sales. When this occurs will depend on the actions you take and how long you keep going for. If something isn’t working, try something else. Focus on the small wins like a hit on a website, or an email lead. Keep your enthusiasm high and you’ll be able to surmount the obstacles which come with the territory. But if you allow yourself to become dissatisfied, it’s much more difficult to keep going.

Affiliate marketing isn’t easy. It’s performance related which means that if you don’t make a sale, you don’t make any money. This is tough in the beginning because you can do a lot of activity which is unrewarded. But once you make a sale, there’s some light at the end of the tunnel. This is the goal of many new affiliate marketers – to make their first sale.

Once you have some positive feedback in terms of success, you can focus on the activities which brought it about. But until this happens, you very much need to trust the process. If you’re also paying a membership fee while this is happening, there can come a point where you decide it’s simply not working! This is common, and people drop out. But if you have a coach you can trust, things are so much more sustainable.

An affiliate marketing coach can help you overcome negativity, indecision, hesitancy and self belief issues. A coach can help you see things in a different light and to notice limitations in your thinking.

For me this has been a complete game changer, and not just for affiliate marketing. When you notice your own self talk is talking away your success and happiness, you realise you are the creator of your own outcomes. As you remember to change your self talk and thinking habits, you realise without belief there is no action. So belief is everything.

The person we listen to more than anyone else in life is ourselves. We talk to ourselves in our head constantly. Re reaffirm what we think and believe about ourselves continually. If we can learn to tap into this power, and start giving ourselves more positive commands, then we can grow both personally and professionally in a much more congruent way than simply through thinking, planning and attempting things in only the physical aspect of our affiliate business.

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7 Benefits of Custom Aluminum Cases

If you want to carry your expensive electronic items or any type of fragile instrument, we suggest that you be on the safe side. We suggest that you pack your expensive stuff in a reliable case. In other words, you may want to invest in a dependable custom aluminum case to carry your items with you. After all, you don’t want your stuff to get damaged during transportation. In this article, we are going to talk about some major benefits of custom aluminum cases. Read on to find out more.

1. Durability

First of all, one of the major advantages of these units is that they are extremely durable. In this case, we suggest that you go for a case that is splashproof, air-tight, and watertight. This is essential if you want the unit to stand the test of time. If it is not strong enough, your stuff inside may not be safe.

2. Withstand Extreme Conditions

Another major advantage of these units is that they are designed to withstand extreme conditions. Even if you use them on a daily basis, they will be good for years to come. In other words, you don’t need to worry about the durability aspect of these units.

3. Customizable

Some of these cases are designed to be customized. The idea is to make sure that you get a unit that you can customize to cover your requirements and needs. Since one size cannot fit everyone, we suggest that you get a customized aluminum case.

For example, you will need a specific type of case to store your tools. Similarly, there are specific aluminum cases if you want to carry delicate items. And the beauty of these things is that they are available in different sizes and shapes.

4. Custom Interior

If you want to protect your delicate items, we suggest that you get a case that comes with custom interiors. In this case, your delicate items will be safe even if the road condition is extremely bad.

5. Timeless Look

We suggest that you get an aluminum case that features a timeless look. After all, you don’t want to get a case that looks ugly or unappealing. So, if you are worried about the aesthetic aspect of these units, we suggest that you get a unit that seems appealing.

6. Corrosion-Resistant

With the passage of time, metal cases tend to face corrosion. Therefore, it is better to get an aluminum case as they are corrosion resistant.

7. Withstand Temperatures

The good thing about an aluminum case is that it can withstand extreme temperatures. Since aluminum features high thermal conductivity, this type of metal can easily transfer heat from your fragile items. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about the effects of the elements when it comes to getting your expensive or fragile items from one place to another.

Long story short, these are just some of the benefits of customized aluminum cases. If you have never purchased one, we suggest that you get one today. The beauty of these units is they are much better than other types of metal out there. So, the next time you need to purchase one, you may consider one made from aluminum.

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How Cromacoin Functions to Enhance Businesses Productivity?

Instead for entire details relevant piece of information in this world of modernized technology Cromacoin usually operates on wide-spread public ledger known as Blockchain where entire confirmed transactions. Entire ways where users are aware of each transaction avoid stealing and spending the same currency within stipulated time. This process also supports Blockchain as it is trustworthy for an appropriate piece of content. Cromacoin is one of excellent digital currency which has been stepping up to correspond with better digital currencies exchanges.

Where to store your new ICO’s tokens after procure?

There are diversified applications which one should utilize while obtaining new ICO’s tokens some of the vital key elements are visualized below for better appearance:-

• Full Client Satisfaction- It is one of email server which is encountered without dependent upon third-party servers. It also controls whole transaction from start to an end.

• Trivial Clients- The mandatory vital piece of server surely rely upon customer’s satisfaction as everyone acquires access to the network for uppermost transactions.

• Web Clients- It is the opposite of full client resembling which totally dependent upon the third-party server and operate entire transactions instantly.
Where can you find Cromacoin?

In order to get evolved with this cryptocurrency digital exchanges one can firstly purchase Cromacoin from steps involved below:-

• Cryptocurrency Exchanges where one can exchange regular new ICO tokens.

• One can find a seller or just by SING UP process available for procedural module.

• After Signing up Cromacoin is precious for customers for better investment plans.

Input important credentials to obtain freeway service to your account by SIGN UP process.

• It is recommended to utilize a strong elongated password with a mixture of letters, alphabets and other special characters.

• One will be able to find information about the product in our whitepaper which proffers an extreme most reliable piece of information rapidly.

• Get a proper financial report as ICO’s can be started with crowdfunding.

• Companies utilizing ICO at an earlier stage for traditional businesses acquire whitepaper which is the most likely concern.

One needs explanations about Cromacoin just by examining the whitepaper in ICO’s.

• Get a ratio for cryptocurrency along with procedural modules in accordance to digital currency exchanges.

Where are your tokens? Know more from defined information evaluated

Firstly, it is important to bring tokens for your ICO which is associated with your tokens available as per needs and requirements. It can suffer bit of project keeping in mind a trustworthy project which one can send for Cromacoin analyzed. It is suggested to deposit your new ICO tokens where tokens actually bare and help for your new token repeatedly.

• Set up for a coin and participate in ICO to buy tokens.

• The need of wallet which supported tokens for purchase.

• Participate in ICO to buy tokens from Cromacoin.

• Send ETH for a token purchase and one will be tied to private key of wallet.

• Acquire few pieces of information to accomplish with Cromacoin.

• Send ETH address for ICO and proffer tokens constantly.

• Don’t ask for a deposit which wallet supports for a new token or one can access to your New ICO tokens on Blockchain with appropriate security enabled policies.

How to import ICO tokens into a supported wallet?

If one has contract address for token one can import tokens into wallet. Likewise, our wallet has the capability to hold numerous tokens keeping in mind entire terms accuracy, precise along with efficiency which play a vital role to enhance one’s business productivity. Our wallet is encompassed with unique wallet address which is thereby sent just by input for tokens.

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Why Business Owners Seek to Enter Foreign Markets

It is no longer news that business investors from around the world look at entering foreign markets in order to expand their local business operations or diversify their investments and establish new operations in the international market.

Every year, hundreds of entrepreneurial and growing companies consider international expansion as a marketing and growth strategy.

If you have been successful in your business for some time and you have already mastered everything about running a business, overseas expansion may just be the logical next move you have to make.

On the flip side, for a majority of others, just having an overseas registered company and business address makes more sense to them than moving over to these foreign countries to establish a brick-and-mortar office.

Whichever the case is, there are at least 7 reasons entrepreneurs incorporate an overseas company, subsidiary or a representative office.

1. EXPANSION. About 95% of the world’s consumer’s reside outside Nigeria. Entrepreneurs whose vision and target market is a global one would consider to enter new markets abroad thus increasing their company’s overall market share and growth potentials.

2. POSSIBLE UNTAPPED MARKET. The possibility of an untapped market in foreign jurisdictions may motivate a Nigerian entrepreneur to incorporate an overseas company, subsidiary or representative office of his/her local company. Nigerian entrepreneurs who produce and package local foodstuffs for sale abroad fall into this category.

3. PROXIMITY TO INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS/CUSTOMERS. Truth be told, the Internet hs done enough to bring businesses closer to buyers. However, for some reasons, several business transactions may still warrant a traditional business presence in the city or country of operation. An overseas office of a local company need not be that big, and may be a home business address, a paid virtual office, or a small/liaison office just for the sake of getting customer feedback and linking back to the Nigerian office.

4. CORPORATE IMAGE. In order to boost their corporate image in the eyes of customers, suppliers, investors and businesses, some entrepreneurs just register an overseas subsidiary of their Nigerian company. This gives their target audience an impression that they are a company with international networks. In situations like this, the “international entrepreneur” need not set up a brick-and-mortar office abroad, he/she only pays for a virtual registered office in such country plus a mailing and telephone forwarding service.

5. COMPETITION. The fact that competing businesses or brands are entering the overseas market and are doing well motivates entrepreneurs in similar businesses to follow suit.

6. INTERNATIONAL PAYMENT. There are quite a number of international banking options available to companies registered in overseas jurisdictions – whether you are currently established in the overseas country or operating the overseas company from Nigeria. Having a corporate checking account abroad makes international payment much more easier by direct deposits, cheque or international wire transfers.

7. MIGRATION. Entrepreneurs considering a migration or move to an overseas country may incorporate a company in the destination country pending the time of their travel.

The United Kingdom, for instance, grants an Entrepreneur Visa to persons outside the European Union to gain entry to the UK for business reasons.

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Don’t Fall Prey to Victim Mentality

Attitude is everything. Mental attitude, no matter what the end goal is, either helps you get there or impedes your progress and one of the most damaging attitudes anyone can adopt is victim-mentality.

What is victim-mentality?

Victim mentality is a negative mindset. It places blame on other people and circumstances for any unhappiness felt within.” It is the proverbial “point the finger out” scenario.

Those engaged in victim-mentality, view life through a narrow lens of pessimistic perceptions, believing whatever occurs in life is the result of outside causes. Inner reflection is never considered. Being a victim means absolving themselves of blame. Nothing is their fault – ever! Those engaged in victim mentality most often enjoy the attention, sympathy and validation they get from playing this “poor me” role.

When trapped in victim-hood, the focus becomes how vulnerable we are, rather than on how powerful we are.

While, no one is born with victim mentality, no one is exempt from playing the victim role either. Sweet elder grandparents, loving, well-intentioned mothers and fathers, teenagers and even those considered “spiritually awakened” can all be found to dwell in this defeatist realm.

In fact, every person alive has played the victim role more than once in their lives.

Victims want to be mentally prepared for the worst and sadly, for those dwelling in victim-hood, this self-sabotaging behavior becomes more powerful when things seem to be going their way as they are sure “disaster is waiting around the next corner.”

So, how does one break free from this self-defeating, “poor me,” pessimistic type programming, most of which was developed and adopted as a child?

It all begins at home with your perceptions/how your view yourself. Do you perceive yourself as a survivor or a victim?

Survivors embrace life and flow with it. They live in the present and take control over their lives. They are fully aware that they alone are responsible for what occurs. They know that taking responsibility for their lives, they are empowered to change their lives.

Victims, on the other hand, wallow in self-pity and argue with and push back at life. They dwell in the past, believing they are helpless to change circumstances – their key to avoiding responsibility. They live defensively and stay frozen in time, without making progress because their perceptions tell them they are powerless.

The cost of victim mentality is high. It negatively affects every area of life – professional and personal. Those who see themselves as a failure, are dwelling in victim-hood because failure only comes to those who give up.

If we really want to shift out of victim mentality, we must first own it. We can’t change what we don’t own. We must shift our attitude and know that “change begins with me.” We must embrace survival and take actions steps… no matter how small or insignificant they may seem now, towards some goal we are looking to attain.

Most importantly, we must continually empower ourselves with “I can” and “I will” statements and put a stop to degrading “I can’t” or “I won’t” statements and beliefs.

And, we must embrace gratitude – the greatest of attitudes. Daily, we need to take time to reflect on all the things that make us happy, on all the things that are going well in our life. Keeping our mind/energy focused on positive situations helps to counteract victim mentality.

In the end, we must honor ourselves with the same degree of respect and love that we try to give others. Only then will our minds and actions shift out of victim-hood to survival mode.

Truth is, we can’t control other’s actions or every circumstance that shows up in our lives, but we can control how we react to them. We don’t have to be victims. It is a choice. Whatever happens or comes our way, we must view it as a challenge and not an excuse.

Looking for a powerful partner to help erase the negative victim tapes that play over and over in your head? Look no further than your local gym. Getting your blood flowing and your “happy, feel-good” hormones kicked in through challenging exercise is one of the best ways to overcome negativity, defeat victim mentality and put yourself on the fast track to feeling healthy physically, mentally and emotionally.

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